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1) You are NOT ALLOWED to use any of my deviations without permission, so do ask me first.

2) PLEASE, just don't be a dumb idiot. Don't have anything good to say, then just shut up. Constructive criticism is welcome all the time, but not worthless insults at all.

3) For the love of God, just DO NOT USE MY CHARACTERS WITHOUT PERMISSION, OR EVEN TRY TO USE THEM FOR YOUR SEXUAL DELIGHT. I have all the right to block, report, and even THREATEN YOU if I have to, so don't try me.

4) NO PLAGIARISM of any of my original content or characters. How would you like it if someone stole your well thought-out ideas and claimed it as theirs?


Balloon Girl Reference Sheet by FNAFNations Balloon Girl Reference Sheet :iconfnafnations:FNAFNations 72 59
Torn in half
Another video from Mark.
Some people support him. A lot of people are bashing him, saying it's all clickbait or he's doing this for views. And one of them has a good point. One of them said:
"I am sick of this "I'm sorry" bullshit. I get that he is just a human being and shit but who cares? I used too until these videos became regular. I AM SO SICK OF IT!!!"
...Okay, so it could have been worded friendlier. But they sort of have a point. I think Mark needs to take a step back and think before he makes something like this because a lot of people are losing sympathy. If it seems really important, make and post. Maybe he's just having a bad day, I don't know. When was this posted?
2 days ago. *whew* I was scared he posted this on his birthday. Of all days.
But honestly...I don't know what to think. Maybe I should watch it myself...
I'll edit this later
EDIT 7:19, 06/28/2017
I don't see what people are complaining about. There's nothing even remotely click-baited in here. He's telling peop
:iconbrite-sinner:brite-sinner 1 3
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Cause I've got nothing else better to do. Haha.


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30 / 1,200
I may need more points for core memeberships or commissions! :)

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Is there an animatronic actually hidden in this teaser image smiling menacingly or is it just my mind playing tricks with me again?

Filename by Cornelischmidt1527
Argh. I'm not sure if I'm willing to go back to school tomorrow... Life as a sec student in SG is like hell...
Have to go back to school this Tuesday NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....
19 June
(UPDATE: Fixed the colouring and lines a bit)

(UPDATE 2: My gosh did I actually say 3rd anniversary lol eff me XD)

(Eh I knew that Fathers' Day was yesterday but who cares!)

Haven't drawn IO and DHMIS in a very long while hey? Oh well, at least the 19th of June gave me a reason to. (In case you couldn't tell a Joy and Sadness plush is in Yellow Guy's pocket)

However I did have loads of fun drawing this, especially with the crayon drawing by Yellow Guy! Just look at that poor sweet child with a drawing of him and his dad together...(If only Roy could be this kind ;-;) And I've added the two emotion plushies there cause reasons.

Anyways, have an awesome Fathers' Day & DHMIS Day! Oh, and Happy 2nd Anniversary IO!

Done using Autodesk Sketchbook
Artwork belongs to me
Inside Out belongs to Disney Pixar
DHMIS belongs to Becky and Joe

1) Read ALL the rules on my profile before proceeding to do anything else. Trust me, it will make our lives easier that way.
2) DO NOT USE MY ARTWORKS AND CHARACTERS WITHOUT PERMISSION, UNLESS YOU ARE A CLOSE FRIEND OF MINE. If I catch you doing so, I will request you to remove anything that involves my characters or artworks. Even if you credit me, I still need to give you permission.
3) This may sound crazy, but please do not ship my characters with yours. I can decide what to do with my characters, and I say that they keep to themselves and remain asexual, excluding those who are already taken in my AUs.
4) Please do not steal! Thank you! :)
Here's a sketch I'm about to complete tomorrow for Fathers' Day, DHMIS Day & IO's 3rd Anniversary (or was it 2nd? Idk XD) Get ready for the coloured version!

Filename by Cornelischmidt1527


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Cornelius (Genderless)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Aye there, welcome to my profile! I'm a self-taught artist who loves to draw characters from DHMIS, Inside Out, FNAF/FNAF Guards, my own characters (& original series) and NITW. I even draw people I admire too, such as musicians & celebrities. I am in the process of improvement so that I can produce excellent way-better-than-decent art of great quality, so constructive and not-so-harsh criticism is welcome. I also make memes, and sometimes, videos.

Current status: Working on unfinished projects

YouTube account: Cornelius 163

Smule Piano account: Take_2_4_That_1

Pokemon Go account: FDuoGuy

Name: Cornelius

Religion: Catholic

Likes: FNAF/FNAF Guards/FNAF World, Undertale, Inside Out, Skylanders, Digimon, Slugterra, Drawing, Rock music(Get Scared is my favourite band), My own creations, Dragons and reptiles, Animations, Blue/Dark blue and red, world peace, etc.

Dislikes: My Little Pony/Any types of horses and unicorns, SpongeBob Squarepants, Pop songs, K-pop, Cyber bullies (especially people that send death threats to others, as well as racist,rude and idiotic people), Girly stuff, Pink, Racism(especially white racism), Hypocrisy, Rude/Annoying/Crazy/Rabid/Immature/Selfish people, Anything to do with sex/porn/fetishes, Donald Trump and most of his rabid, immature, idiotic, racist, selfish, savage and crazy supporters, the bad side of the FNAF fandom, people who ruin Tally Hall, Betrayal, etc.


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•Please respect others, especially my friends(people who watch me). No forms of any types of bullying, especially death threats.

•I highly recommend you to read the descriptions of my artworks, as they have important info in them. Descriptions were not there for no reason. Otherwise I have all the right to tell you off harshly or block you.

•No annoying or stupid comments that are useless, insulting in any way or considered as spam, excluding emoticons. I will ignore those types of comments. However, if you continue to do so, you will be blocked, unwatched and have your artworks unfaved permanently.

Fnaf sister location Funtime foxy ~ page doll by Laukku2000 (by Laukku2000)

•If you wanna start a roleplay on one of my artworks, you will have to notify me first. If I accept the roleplay, I will join in, but if I don't, there is an extremely high chance that I will not respond. In addition, I highly discourage you from doing roleplays of your OCs on my artworks, whether concerning any of my characters or not. Please understand that I do not like those kind of roleplays from strangers when they use characters I don't recognise or want to roleplay with.

•What's this, hate fave? Why thank you so much; for being idiotic and childish!! In other words, NO HATE FAVING, OR YOU WILL BE BLOCKED/REPORTED IF THE SITUATION GETS WORSE. You have been warned.

•NO ART THEFT. Doing so would have you unwatched and blocked permanently.

Fanart - i wish joy was here by neko-kumicho-chan (by neko-kumicho-chan)

•What, I am being aggressive? Well go and think about the reason why I am. Either because you are a troll, or because you hate faved, or because you stole my art, or because you bullied me or my friends. And no, you don't reserve the right to tell me how I should behave, cause I can't tell you how to behave as well.

•Treat me well and I will treat you better...But treat me very bad for no reason/in an uncivilised manner and I WILL GIVE YOU HELL.

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Doi PageDoll by Slendermonkey (by Slendermonkey)

•Yes, I am a nice and friendly person....until a troll or someone annoying comes into my page and teases me for no reason, or attacks me or my own friends, then I can become a hostile, monstrous, and dangerous guy, and trust me, you totally would not like it when I fly off the handle. So do treat each other with respect on my page, and please do not spew your rudeness, hatred or immaturity here, or else I can I unwatch you, block you, and even use coarse language and harsh words on you, when I feel very, very angry.

•Note that I DO NOT have any tolerance towards people who bring up about flame wars that have happened to them, even when the flame war is over. So please do not talk about flame wars on ANY of my artworks, journals, or my profile. I don't want to get involved into such stuff. If you do, I will give you a warning and a chance to stop talking about a flame war and move on. However, if you still want to bear a grudge even when your enemies have stopped talking about the flame war, then I'm afraid that I have to unwatch you, unfave your artworks, hide your comments about the flame war, AND BLOCK YOU. PERMENANTLY.

•When you fave or put my artworks into your collections or give me a llama, I would USUALLY watch back to pay back the kindness. So don't be surprised if I watch you ;) (If I don't watch you, it's either because I'm still unavailable, or because I don't generally like your artworks, or because you are an art thief or a person with uncensored porn/fetish, though I'm not generally saying that I hate you, it's just that I can't stand those things)

(by Megumi-Felyne)

•Whenever it is my friends' birthday (people I watch), I would give a llama as a birthday gift, unless I can't give a llama, then I will give a birthday wish in their profile page. To all my fellow mates, enjoy your birthday gift! ;)

•NO PORN OR ANY TYPE OF FETISHNESS ALLOWED AS LONG AS IT IS IN THIS PROFILE, AND NO YAPPING ABOUT THEM AS WELL. Or else you will also be unwatched and blocked immediately. However, when it is censored, I'm ok.

•If you do fetish art, then please do not watch me. If I find out, I will take it take you are stalking me and I will block you. This is because I am an anti-fetish user, and I see fetish watchers as people who just want to invade my privacy and use my own characters for their disgusting delight. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Chica Pagedoll .:Free to use:. by Fuluv (by Fuluv)

•As for violence, gore (mild to intense, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF SEXUAL GORE) and vulgarities THAT DO NOT INSULT ANYONE AT ALL, they are ok. But hate speech, harassment, rabid fan talk, rabid fangirl talk, and vulgarities that insult any race or religion is not allowed.

•You could address me in any way you like; he, she or they. I'm good with all those pronouns. Besides, I never reveal my gender, so you can call me an agender here.

•Sometimes, I will have coarse language, vulgarities (from minor to intense), dark themes, violence, and even gore in my artworks. (And such artworks will be uncensored, excluding intense gore) I do apologize for such stuff, and if you want to know whether an artwork has these things or not, please check the description or look out for this sign (!) in a deviation's title. (It will always appear at the front of the title)

Pixel Yellow by Dizzee-Toaster (by Dizzee-Toaster)

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•If you have faved or put my artworks into your collections more than once, you will realize that I don't say thanks anymore. In case you don't know yet, this is because I actually don't want to repeat myself over and over again each time someone faves something or puts my artworks into their collections, not because I don't appreciate it anymore. And yes, I do really appreciate the fact that you faved my artworks multiple times! :D

Pixel Red by Dizzee-Toaster (by Dizzee-Toaster)

•NO RACISM OR RELIGISM WILL BE TOLERATED AT ALL TIMES. Otherwise,you will be unwatched, reported and blocked. Keep all predujicism to yourself.

•Stalking and asking for extremely personal info is totally banned here, so if you dare do that to me, I'll block you straight away.

•Yes, I do honestly comment on rants of other people (referring to rants by others in their journals) in a positive way of agreeing to the one who did the rant, but only if the person being ranted on unnecessarily hates and blocks people for invalid reasons(does not include the reason of breaking the rules of the one being ranted!), or because this person does not censor porn and fetishes, or because this person has bullied someone else. In other words, this means that I do agree to SOME rants, but only because the person being ranted on hates others for no good reason, or because this person does not censor pornos or fetishes, or because this person has bullied or attacked someone else innocent to me.

Fnaf sister location Ennard ~ page doll by Laukku2000 (by Laukku2000)

•Note that I will not be blocking anyone who does a rant on me (least likely to happen though), because I don't like to hate people unnecessarily. Well, like they say, haters gotta hate. However, if the hating gets waaaay too far, I WILL TAKE ACTION.

• "But Cornelius, this is too many rules!!! WWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, YOU ARE SO MEAN!!!!" Stop being so immature. I put strict rules here for a reason, and I believe in law rather than freedom. Of course, I do still allow some freedom, but in order not to abuse it, I put rules. Like I say, "There needs to be balance between law and freedom. Too much law results in dissatisfaction, and too mich freedom results in abuse and suffering."

• PLEASE DO NOT USE MY CHARACTERS AND ARTWORKS WITHOUT PERMISSION, AND BY THAT, I MEAN ANY OF THEM, unless you are my friend. Do that and I will hunt you down and tell you to ask for my permission next time. If it continues, I will not hesitate to block you. As for the others, if you witness anyone who goes against this rule, do alert me through notes on comments, though I would highly recommend you to do it through notes.

Pixel Tone by Dizzee-Toaster (by Dizzee-Toaster)

• This might sound crazy, but please, just don't ship my characters with yours. They are MINE, and since I am their creator, I can decide what to do with them, and I say that they stay away from ships and remain asexual, excluding those who are already taken in my AUs.

• NO PLAGIARISM of any of my original content or characters. Seriously, when will some people learn what the word "inspired" really means?! I get pissed off when I see people copy my content, and mind you, I PUT IN LOADS OF EFFORT DESIGNING ORIGINAL THINGS, AND ALL YOU DO IS COPY AND GET MORE ATTENTION THAT YOU DON'T EVEN DESERVE.

• LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL: YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE MY CHARACTERS FOR PORN, ANY KIND OF FETISH, OR ANYTHING SEXUAL. Yes, I do NOT prohibit you from using my characters for MLG, violence, or dark themes, but if it is for inappropriate, sexual or disgusting content or fetish, that is a no. Also, do credit me for the use of my characters. If I catch you going against this one important rule, I'll block you straight away and ask you to remove that artwork if it contains fetish, porn or anything sexual. But don't worry if you tend to forget, I usually put this warning in the description of artworks of my characters. It looks like this:


Side note: These rules could change at any time, so keep an eye out for updates! ;)

F2U DHMIS Group Pagedoll by Rainy-The-Meme

(by Rainy-The-Meme)
Thanks to silverskreell for calling that rascal out.

It has been more than one year in the Inside Out fandom, and this art thief that steals deviations and clipart alike has not been banned on DA yet. Not only that, she's also someond that likes to watch as many people as she can to steal their art. tulacoe also has been a damn nuisance in the Inside Out fandom, asking annoying questions all the time like, "why is this character happy?" or "why did you use a blue sad emoticon?" Clearly, she doesn't even look at deviations properly and jumps to asking stupid questions to get attention.
So far, she has stolen more than 20 images from both DA, Stock and Clipart, and yet nothing has been done to avoid it! 

Not just that, but tulacoe also uses poor grammar, and nothing could stop her from stalking as many people as she wants to unless you block her.

If you call her an art thief on her profile, she will hide your comment just ti hide her true identity, even when it's already obvious! Wow XD

The saddest thing is the fact that the staff of the famous IO group Inside-Out-Pixar made an EXTREMELY STUPID DECISION and chose her to become a FREAKING CONTRIBUTER OF AN ART THIEF. Seriously, if I were the founder I wuld have blocked and reported her immediately before she could even ask!

She even claims to be 17 years old, pfft! If you want evidence, come look at her profile: tulacoe

I know that many of you thank her for watches, but here's the warning now: tulacoe is just an art theif who wants to get away with everything. Thus, if she watches you, just block and report her. 

Many people have tried to report her, but those lazy DA staff do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it. Hence, if more people can, it might convince the staff to ban her permanently.

"I've been meaning to make for a long time, the clip art theif in question is called tulacoe, I've reported her many times but the da admins didn't do a thing 

you want proof that this user steals clip art
Stolen image,… Original art 

report this girl as soon possible"

- silverskreell 


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